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CERIC is a charitable organization that advances education and research in career counselling and career development.

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This updated edition of our popular guide dispels the “Career Myth” that young people should follow a linear route in their school-to-work transition and introduces 8 career crafting techniques.

Career Crafting the Decade After High School: Professional’s Guide

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Join us in Toronto this summer for training that is face-to-face, in-depth, and, importantly, fits your budget. Update your knowledge. Sharpen your skills. Re-energize yourself.

Summer Skills Academy 2015: Coming Soon!

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The book has been designed to be a learning tool for students, a resource for educators and a reference for career practitioners in the field.

Career Development Practice in Canada: Perspectives, Principles, and Professionalism

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Views on labour market, training obligations and soft skills differ by employer size

Canada’s largest employers are more likely to say that the skills gap has become worst compared to their small business ...
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