Graduate Program

CERIC encourages the engagement of Canada’s full-time graduate students whose academic focus is in career development and/or related fields through the Graduate Student Engagement Program (GSEP). Faculty members are asked to play a role in identifying appropriate graduate students.

Through the GSEP, graduate students will be introduced to CERIC and its programs and invited to:

Interested in getting involved? Complete and submit this quick GSEP application form. Applications for 2018 are due March 30, 2018.

Visit the GSEP Corner on the ContactPoint online community to see articles written by GSEP students.

Any questions? Email us at

“This has been a wonderful initiative and several of my own students have benefited from the support.”
- Nancy Arthur, PhD., R.Psych., Professor, Educational Studies in Counselling Psychology, Associate Dean Research, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary

“Being part of GSEP at CERIC has been valuable, not only in terms of winning a scholarship to Cannexus, but also in terms of access to resources and support when I’m trying to find the answers to academic and professional questions.”

  – Jennifer Davies, MEd, CCC, EdD candidate in Counselling Psychology, University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and Co-op Co-ordinator, Seneca College 

“My membership with GSEP at CERIC offered me an opportunity to attend and present at Cannexus, but more importantly to get connected with those working in a field I felt so passionate about. Career is a life long process, as is the learning we will undergo, and GSEP is the perfect way to engage in the dialogue of the journey.”

  – Angela Katsamakis, MA Counselling Psychology candidate, University of British Columbia

“Being part of the GSEP has allowed me to really further explore my research and professional interests through writing an article that I was proud to share with family, friends and colleagues. In addition, receving GSEP’s support allowed me to contribute to the exciting field of career development by supporting my attendance at the Cannexus conference for my very first speaking presentation.”

  – Danni Lei, MSc Counselling Psychology candidate, University of Calgary