Overcoming unconscious bias in veteran hiring

Findings of a CERIC-funded research project have identified employer bias regarding veteran working style and point the way for how career professionals can best support veterans in making the transition from military to civilian careers. The research, which has implications for veteran job exploration, search and retention was undertaken by Challenge Factory, sponsored by the Canadian Armed Forces and supported by Veterans Affairs Canada.

The Winter issue of Careering looks ahead to 2025: Future of Work

The latest issue of Careering magazine focuses on the theme “2025: Future of Work.” As work becomes increasingly automated, it allows humans to take on more complex tasks with robots handling the repetitive ones. At the same time, we see a decrease in the number of full-time positions available and the rise of more contract work. This edition explores how close the future is (2025 is the year autonomous vehicles are expected to be the norm) and how this will impact the skills we’ll need and the way we’ll work.

Latest CERIC literature search explores the value of service learning

Higher education means more than advancing students’ knowledge and skillsets. It is important for students to understand and participate in meaningful community service and develop a sense of social responsibility. Increasingly, academic institutions are incorporating service learning as part of curriculum. CERIC’s latest literature search Service Learning explores why service learning matters and how it will prepare students for the future of work.