Results of CERIC 2015 Survey of Career Service Professionals released

The 2015 CERIC Survey of Career Service Professionals – recently completed by more than 1,000 respondents across Canada – paints a picture of a female-dominated field that is highly educated but only modestly compensated. These career professionals report that the top issue “keeping them up at night” is the public’s lack of understanding of career service interventions although close to 60% state that the perceived value of career professionals has improved in recent years.

French edition of mental health career services guide now available

CERIC is pleased to publish a free French-language version of its popular Career Services Guide Supporting People Affected by Mental Health Issues. The English guide has already been downloaded more than 3,500 times since being released in May 2015. While taking a national perspective, the guide does not necessarily reflect specific provincial regulations, such as those in Quebec. Readers from Quebec should note that some interventions are legally reserved.

CERIC and Canada Company announce the launch of Military to Civilian Employment: A Career Practitioner’s Guide

CERIC has partnered with Canada Company, the leader in military employment transition, to provide the over 100,000 Canadian career service professionals with the tools they need to help veterans transitioning into civilian careers. In 2016, there will be approximately 5,000 new, highly skilled veterans entering the competitive job market, and one in four will have difficulty transitioning to civilian life despite bringing unique skills and experiences to potential employers. Veterans are facing various challenges including, employers not understanding military culture and systems, the career development needs of veterans, or how to determine civilian equivalencies.